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I made it!

After a month-long selection process I made it into the selected group of warriors which will take part on the School of Warriors Without Weapons 2011. Navigating in this part of the blog you can learn a bit about my journey and read my warrior path, to discover how and why I got selected.

The most difficult challenge has passed! But now is time to get on with the next steps. And for that I need your help!

I have to fundraise in order to cover my participation in the programme. The subsidized cost of the programme is R$ 5.000 (reais) – which is around €2.216 (euros) or $2.950 (US dolars) and I need to raise this money in the next few weeks!!!!!

So I would really really REALLY like to be able to count with your support right now!!!

Taking part in the School of Warriors without Weapons represents an important moment for me right now. It’s an unique opportunity I am giving to myself to rethinking my work and redefine my career.. I’m currently on a process of developing my own initiative back in Brazil and I want to incorporate the learning and the ethos of the Warriors programme into the basic values in which I plan to operate from now on both on my daily work and life.. and I’m sure after this life-changing experience I will be a better professional, person and warrior!

If you are able to support me, just click on the link below and you will be transfer to a new page where you can donate ANY amount you wish through Paypal, or using your credit card.

I’m set to raise much more money than the 5.000 reais I need!

There are other warriors who are still looking for support (specially the ones coming from other regions), so I really would like to be able to support those who are struggling with their fundraising…

Your contribution will ensure the participation of as many young leaders as possible, all of which are equally passionate about transforming their communities for the better! Therefore, ANY contribution will be hugely appreciated and valued.

In return for you support the organisers offer to put the supporter’s logo (or you name and photo!) on the programme’s website for a year as well as in the programme’s final report that will be developed by the ELOS team and may be sent to you via email.

I am also committed to prepare a final personal report of my experience and will share that with all of those who helped on my fundraising campaign!

And as I know, that your money is valuable and not easy to spare nowadays. I’m willingly to discuss with you way in which I can trade my work with your support! We can discuss this further by e-mail through jfscarpelini [at] gmail.com but I can for example run motivational talks, workshops and/or trainings for your organisation, school or business. Or I can work along with you in a project or initiative you are trying to develop sharing my insights, ideas and expertise.

I’m open for new ideas, and for proposals! And already in advance I thank you for your support in making this a reality for me!

All the best,



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