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It’s getting close!

12 more days until we get to action! And still A LOT to be done!

On January 4th, we will be kicking off the 5th edition of the School of Warriors Without Weapons here in Santos, Brazil. And I’m incredibly excited about it!!!!

This year, 66 warriors from 25 countries will be joining efforts with 3 different communities in my home-town Santos (Tiro Naval, Pantanal and Mangue Seco-Butantã) with the incredible challenge of partnering with the communities to transform the place, while transforming themselves! And through 33 days, the warriors and the community will be collaborating to create, develop and build common dreams only with the local resources, talents and skills available in each community.

Since it’s first edition in 1999, the School of Warriors Without Weapons already trained over 300 young entrepreneurs from all corners of the world that are now ready to act very quickly and effectively to respond global emergencies and disasters as well as they are already actively improving their own communities applying the learning from the School of Warriors. This innovative programme, created by Elos Institute, brings  together every two years a community of global and local young leaders (18-35 years old)  for a 100% real hands-on experience. The warriors are challenged to harvest, create and live the transformation on the communities through the application of social technologies such as appreciative inquire, cooperative games, non-violent communication, circular dances, world cafes and the Oasis Game.

This life changing experience was design to empower warriors which can promote positive and sustainable transformations in communities, while creating the capacity of leaders which will be acting as social entrepreneurs, community or business leaders and/or governmental officials throughout the world.

551 young people applied for the School of Warriors Without Weapons this year. After a month-long online game with weekly real-life tasks each warrior had to play, 170 blogs were created with each individual “Path of Warrior” used in the selection process. From those 66 participants were selected and guaranteed their place at the 2011 programme.

The School of Warriors Without Weapons 2011 is happening thank to partnerships with important agencies and organisations, such as the ABC – the Brazilian Cooperation Agency from the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Town Hall of Santos, European Voluntary Service among others. But in order to ensure the presence of every one of those 66 warriors, we still need your help!!!

Each warrior was given the challenge of raising funds to cover the costs of their participation in the programme! Many of them did! But some are still struggling with it! The programme really values the diversity of its warriors which come from the most various backgrounds. Some of them come from less privileged backgrounds, and our biggest challenge now is to raise the funding to ensure also their participation in the programme!

If you can help somehow, or know somebody, or some organisation that might be able to contribute something, it’s time to ACT!

I’m attaching a file which explains more about the programme (super worth reading) which you can use to help us in fundraising!


You can donate any amount using Paypal or credit card through the link in the side bar! Or contact me by e-mail at jfscarpelini [at] gmail.com for other options to transfer the money!!!

Also, if you haven’t read my previous posts, feel free to contact me to discuss how we can somehow compensate your support: maybe organising trainings or Oasis Games in your organisation and/or community, supporting you in implementing a project, and so on.. opportunities are many! Lets discuss them further!

And between January 4th and February 5th you can stay up-to-date with the day-by-day coverage of the work through the facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Guerreiros-Sem-Armas/133786279971868 , through the Official Twitter: http://twitter.com/instituto_elos and the official blog: www.warriorswithoutweapons.net as well as through my personal twitter (@jfscarpelini) and facebook accounts!

I really really appreciate your help already in advance!!!




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