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Hey guys, thanks so much for all the support coming from all parts of the globe!

I really appreciate the contributions! And be sure, all the money raised will be invested to ensure more and more warriors can take part in the School of Warriors Without Weapons this year!

We still have about 7 different warriors who still need support… so, if you haven’t done yet, PLEASE contribute!!!!!

You can do so through PayPal by clicking in the link in the side… or get in touch with me, and I can give you extra options for sending your contributions!

Meanwhile, for those who are not very familiar with the School of Warriors Without Weapons programme, please, check the video below, from the 2007 programme… I guess it says more than any words!

Once again, THANK you A LOT for you contributions! And please, promote this among your friends and family! We still need more support in order to ensure all warriors are able to make it this year!!!!

Best & Thanks



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