Warriors' Path Blog

TASK 6 – Evaluation & Reflections

Digesting the experience

For me the selection game was a very interesting and intense process. The idea of playing a game online was a bit scary for me, especially when I considered all the other things going on in my life at the moment, new job, new country… lots of travelling, and very little time! Gosh, the time! Was constantly a challenge, having to juggle with so many other things… always trying to find a little time to sit and write down a bit about the things I was experiencing.  I need to admit that I really felt like giving up many moments during the process. It felt like I could do much more and committed more time for the process and the tasks….

But I’m glad I kept with my warrior spirit and didn’t give up! I think the tasks of the game worked as a good provocation for me.. I caught myself many times thinking about the questions and the challenges when I was doing something else from work, or uni.

The process of writing the learning and achievements down, as well as posting it all online, was in itself another magical experience. I realized how much things I do on a daily basis without actually thinking deeper trying to understand the reasoning behind, and the things I’m learning with it. I decided to start a diary for myself, where I can actually document my personal journey, and have a more clear record of my learning and how much I’m growing as a person, just like I did during the warrior path.

Regardless of the result, I really enjoyed the challenge this game represented for me. And I think I’m coming out more self-aware about myself and the experiences I’m going through in my path.



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