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TASK 3 – Great ideas are born from small causes!


After I left the Island of Rhodes, the things I heard from Adonis were still stuck in my mind. Somehow I kept thinking about my waste and the waste management systems that were in place (or not!) around me… I was quite shocked with the lack of a more serious attention to recycling and waste management in a touristic place like Greece and I felt maybe I could do something about it.

I continued my trip and headed to Mykonos, a paradise island (one of the top touristic destinations in Greece!). The place was simply incredible, but I was very surprised with the amount of garbage that could be found in the streets. Specially plastic and glass bottles that could be found in huge quantities close to the bars, in the centre and floating in the amazing waters around the island.

It was clear for me that the community there was not really into recycling, and was not really carrying much about the waste produced and left by the tourists (main income generating activity for the island). I remember Adonis in Rhodes, and the things he said about changing people through their pockets! And I decided to convince the local businesses that there was money to be made with recycling!

And using the insight from Adonis, I decided to target the local craft shops and the hotel businesses… And it was time to make the magic work!


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